Terms and Conditions

1. General

Advertisers and users are responsible for ensuring that advertising contents,text and images uploaded for inclusion on AgroMarket.ng complies with all applicable laws. Agromarket.ng assumes no responsibility for any illegality or any inaccuracy of the content.

2.Ads Type

AgroMarket.ng is strictly for agro products. Ads not related to agro won't be approved and will be deleted by AgroMarket.ng. Also only unprocessed agro products are allowed in AgroMarket.ng. In the case of pesticides and fertilizers, processed brands will be accepted.

3. Safety and Images

AgroMarket.ng reserves the right to delete Ads that are irrelevant or violates AgroMarket.ng rules. Agromarket reserves the right to change the title of the content for editorial purposes. Advertisers are advised to use original images of their products and not edited or downloaded ones so as to create good impression of their product and better convince buyers.

4. Personal

AgroMarket.ng has the right to cooperate with authorities in case any content violates the law. The identity of advertisers, users or buyers may be determined for example by and ISP provider or via her device's IP address.

5. Email Addresses of Members

Members are required to submit a valid email address, before they can register on AgroMarket.ng. The emails are not publicly displayed except for emails submitted when posting Ads or placing orders.

6. Link to Third Party Websites

AgroMarket.ng may contain links or references to other third party websites. AgroMarket.ng shall not be responsible for the contents in third party websites. Third party websites are not investigated or monitored.

7. Site Availability

AgroMarket.ng does not guarantee continuous or secure access to the website. The website is provided as at when available./p>


AgroMarket.ng reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, Such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting. Your continued access or use of AgroMarket.ng shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.