Super Gro Fertilizer

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Description: SUPER GRO (5 LITRE) SuperGro is a product of NeoLife, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for humans and plants. It has been a wonderful experience for users of these fantastic products. SuperGRO is a multi-purpose usage for; • Super GRO for Crops and Plants • Super GRO for Fish Farming • Super GRO for Animal Husbandry & Poultry • Super GRO for Bee Farming. SuperGro is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and sea bird guano. Being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it is 100% safe to use on any vegetable and of course the rest of your garden. Super Gro can be applied to any plant, tree, vegetable and even grass that require fertilization. Super GRO is NAFDAC approved . This product has helped farmers in Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa to mention but a few, boost harvest and improve their economy. The beauty of Super Gro is that it is devoid of chemicals or synthetic substances which have made it to be safer for human health because it has no chemical residue that could remain in the agriculture produce and put human life in grave jeopardy in the process of consumption. It does not have any chemical substance therein that could subsequently destroy the soil. Super Gro has numerous advantages over the synthetic or chemical fertilizer. Also, Super Gro is a high performance adjuvant. That is something that helps something else do a better or more thorough job. It helps other crop treatments including fertilizer, pesticides and fungicides penetrate deeper, stick better and deliver nutrients more effectively. Super Gro has been proven to increase crop yield by 167% more than crop treatment alone can provide. It also acts as emulsifiers to disperse oils and dispersing agent, to reduce adhesion between particles of chemicals, so they will spread and remain in solution longer WHY SUPERGRO ORGANIC LIQUID FERTILIZER IS A MUST USE FOR OPTIMUM RESULT With SuperGRO the farmer need not wait for rain before planting all year round. Most of us know that the best way to save water is to use less. But another important way is to make the most of water you use. That’s exactly what Super Gro does. Super Gro is specially formulated to help gardeners and growers get the greatest value out of every drop of water used. It does this by reducing the water’s surface tension, making “water wetter”, boosting its ability to deliver life-sustaining moisture deeper into the plant root systems than under normal circumstances thus enabling optimal water utilization by plants. KEY BENEFITS TO PLANTS • Optimises water use by overcoming water repellancy, increasing the rate of soil penetration. • Reduces run-off and evaporation. • Compatible with agricultural aids and can improve the performance of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. USAGE FOR TREE OR CASH CROPS Like cocoa, cashew, mango, orange, oil palm, plantain, banana, pawpaw, kolanut, pineapple, rubber etc ADVANTAGES & FUNCTION • It promotes quick and uniform growth • It controls disease in plants • It controls insects and pests • It boosts the harvest of the other fertilizers. • It helps plants to retain water over a longer period of time. USAGE FOR FISH FARMING • Concrete or Mud ponds are most preferable ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS ON FISHERY • Promotes the growth of phytoplankton in the pond • Prevents fish mortality and cannibalism. • Increases the ability of oxygen dissolving in fish pond thereby enhances less changing of water on daily basis. • It reduces ammonia level and maintains water PH • It promotes uniform growth of fish • Effective in many types of fish pond e.g plastic, earth and concrete pond. • Super gro is hygienic when compared with organic manure thus prevent offensive odour and scurrying • It is cost effective. PRODUCT DETAILS: • Non toxic, non caustic and non flammable making it safe and easy to handle and use. • Very concentrated and economical, mixed with water in a dilution of 1:1000. • Suitable for use on all indoor and outdoor vegetation.