Green World Organic Fertilizer

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Description: Nutriplant organic fertilizer is composed of both micro and macro nutrients containing multiple small molecules of amino acids, peptides, chitosan chelate, & their chelate with trace elements is a kind of natural nutrition for plants. It is *non poisonous* , non toxic and safe for the environment which provides plants (vegetables, fruits🍒, flowers, crops and etc) with various nutrients i.e macro (N. P. K, CA, Mg, S) and micro (Fe, Zn, Cu, B, Mn , Mo , Na, Co , Cl) Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer The product which contains multiple small molecules of amino acids, peptides, chelates and their chelates with trace elements is a kind of natural nutrition for plants. It is non-poisonous, non-toxic and safe for the environment, which provides plants (vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and corps, etc) with various nutrients. Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer promotes the growth of plant roots, stems and leaves, improves the quality and flavor of the harvestable parts of crops significantly, enhances the drought resistance, infertility resistance, diseases and insect pests resistance of plants, helps the seeds germinate faster and stronger, improves soil structure and enhances the bio activity of the soil Benefits and advantage of using Nutriplant organic fertilizer 1.It contains all the macro and micro nutrients with all the amino acids a plant requires to grow. Safe for humans, animals and environment because it is purely organic with no toxic chemicals Inhabits the growth of bacteria, virus, fungi which disturb the plants. 4 Promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms Promotes rapid growth of plant roots, stems and leaves. It promotes the dev’t of more fibrous roots that make plants firm in the soil. 6.Controls flower abortion & adjusts the growth cycle & extends the fruiting time of the crops 7.Increases germination rate(seeds germinate faster and stronger) 8.Promotes the expansion of leaf area, increases the photosynthetic rate. 9.Enhances the general immunity of crops to be resistant to drought, infertility and diseases and bearing a repellent effect to pests and arthropods. 10.Improves the size , quality and quantity of the harvestable parts of the crop and improves the vascular tissue of the fruits and makes the fruit fresh and ruddy. 11.Improves the soil structure and enhance the bioactivity of the soil, boosting its’ fertility for 2years. 12.It is quick, sufficient, cheap and easy to use