Super Group Direct Organic Fertilizer From USA Direct

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Description: Tests done on this product reflect the following composition of macro and micro elements;  • Nitrogen (N) 72g per litre (Macro)  • Phosphorus (P) 45g per litre (Macro)  • Potassium (K) 30g per litre (Macro)  • Sulphur (S) 15g per litre (Macro)  • Calcium (CA) 39g per litre (Macro)  • Magnesium (MG) 27g per litre (Macro)  • Iron (FE) 5mg per litre (Micro)  • Iodine (IoD) 3mg per litre (Micro)  • Marine Salt (MS) 1mg per litre (Micro)  • Zinc (Zn) 1mg per litre (Micro)  SUPER GRO helps safe money It helps reduce the amount of FERTILIZERS, INSECTICIDES, and HERBICIDES therefore reducing cost of farming Super Gro helps farmer make bigger profits turning farming into a real business and career based. It helps reduce the money needed for farming and also guarantee bigger and bigger profit in a very short time Helps plant absorb nutrients maximally translating to high yields for farmers It’s good for growing crops for export The huge surge in sales is due to farmers’ realization that SUPER GRO when mixed with Agricultural chemical treatments (FERTILIZERS, PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, and INSECTICIDES) for farming helps farmers realise the full potential of their crops