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Description: Freah obgono for sell at a very affordable price. one custard rubber is sold for just N6,500 only. We also teach people on how to store them for long term usage. delivery is nation-wide. Ogbono is a native African trees, which cultivated mostly for its fruit and seed. It is given various names, such as bush mango, dika, african mango, or wild mango. HEALTH BENEFITS OF OGBONO SEEDS: 1.OGBONO SEED PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS 2.OGBONO IS A GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER 3.HELPS IN BODY BUILDING 4.OGBONO IS A GOOD ANALGESIC 5.OGBONO MAY BE GOOD FOR CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH 6.OGBONO IS USEFUL IN DENTAL CARE 7.OGBONO REGULATES CHOLESTEROL LEVELS 8.OGBONO TREATS DYSENTERY AND DIARRHOEA 9.OGBONO ENHANCED YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM 10.OGBONO IS A MOOD ENHANCER 11.OGBONO CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL