Super Gro Best Liquid Fertilizer For Poultry Farming

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Description: Benefit of SUPER GRO on poultry farming are: Prevent the chicken grow fowl pox and cholera. It prevent the chicken from cold and quails diseases It prevent the chicken from pheumoencephailitis( new castle) It promote uniform growth of the chickens and prevent foul odour . It prevent the chicken from flu(fowl plague). It prevent them from swollen head. It prevent the chicken from epidemic tremor. It prevent them from egg drop syndrome (EDS) It also prevent them from lice and mite. Super gro is versatile, easy to use ,safe and economical. It also Serve Booster to Birds that doesn't have appetite to eat well It's very organic You can get super gro in Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya,Cameroon, south African,USA, Togo,Algeria, California, England, anywhere u might be just contact us to discuss and get direction to the closest warehouse to you Below are the achievement of Farmers Pls Note that the price of SUPER GRO goes for #18,500 Outside Nigeria it maybe higher or lower but not fixed And it's very Economical 1gallon of Super Gro can take you up to 5-6Months depending on your usage. Interested buyer Should indicate Or Call +2349067335009 Or Whatsapp with the above Number #Shalom